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Shine Toyobo Pack of 4 Suits HSC

Shine Toyobo Pack of 4 Suits

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All New Premium Shine Toyobo. Exclusive Stuff For Casual And Formal Wear. Tropical Wear Stuff For All Seasons. In Premium Shine Look.

(Pack of 4 Suits)

  • Stuff/Material: Blended Shine Toyobo
  • Type: Un-Stitched
  • Colors: Shine Black, Off-White, Dark Purple, Dark Green
  • Length/Cutting: 4 Meters
  • Arz/Width: Approximately 53" Inches
  • Neat Weaving
  • Premium Shine
  • Wrinkle Free
  • For Mid And Winter Season
  • Shine Stuff
  • Smooth & Soft Feel
  • Shling/Shrink: Not Required
  • Please Refer Your Tailor About Dimensions/Cutting Of Cloth Before Order
  • Note: Actual Product Color Might Slightly Vary From The Image
  • Its Made With Double Twisted Poly-Viscose and MVS Threads.
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